This week, Mighty Fire Will Prove To Be Today's Best Fire Protection.

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This week, Mighty Fire Will Prove To Be Today's Best Fire Protection.

August 25 2018 by Steve Conboy

Mighty Fire Breakerâ„¢ trucks are rolling to an undisclosed Fire Training Center in a very vulnerable fire region, to prove to even more Fire Chiefs that Mighty Fire Breakerâ„¢ Fire Inhibitor is the best wood-framed building fire protection available, and has the ability to defend American Homes in wildfire better than what is being used today. We will be demonstrating on a live facebook feed on Tuesday (Aug. 28) at 9am PST. Please go to to watch us in action.

These demo burns will be witnessed by multiple fire officials, insurance companies, and the top builders in the US at an undisclosed location with many eyes watching. We will show them all how to lower their risk of fire during construction and help lower their insurance premiums. We will also be demonstrating our proactive approach to wildfire protection so we never have to witness another Santa Rosa wildfire tragedy. M-Fire uses all third-party accredited Applied Fire Science, and is the safest fire protection on the planet today, having been screen tested and certified with UL GreenGuard Gold.

In 5 demo burns, M-Fire again will prove to be the World's Best Practice In Proactive Early Fire Elimination Defense On Lumber Built Buildings and Homes With Proactive Wild Fire Defense.

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