Todays Best Practice For Fire Protection Is Now Available To All Builders

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Todays Best Practice For Fire Protection Is Now Available To All Builders

August 31 2018 by Steve Conboy

These links are recent fires all in raw undefended wood framed buildings to add to the other 25 buildings that had complete fire loss in the last 12 months. This is why M-Fire is out to educate Architects, Builders, Insurance Underwriters and Brokers that in the world we all live in today we can no longer think it could never happen to us. Today it's all the builders responsibility now that there is so much evidence to make jobs safer from fire for construction workers, neighboring buildings and our brave firefighters.

Hyannis, MA – arson suspect apprehended: Watch Video

From the UK, roof fire during renovation of historic 1805 building: Watch Video

In Winnipeg, CA, 24 unit apartment building destroyed by fire lacked attic firewalls: Watch Video

Closing with another arson event: Watch Video

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