Wood Framed High Density Housing Is Under Attack From Fires During Construction

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Wood Framed High Density Housing Is Under Attack From Fires During Construction

4 June 14, 2018 by Steve Conboy

When will builders. their investors, framers, lumber providers and producers join M-Fire to defend wood framed buildings and workers from the negative propaganda claiming lumber built buildings are cheap and not safe. We are calling all American companies that build high density housing with lumber to join us to defend the reputation of lumber our great renewable sustainable building material that collects carbon to clean our air from pollution. So many negatively skewed stories on the web are pumping lies to negatively impact wood buildings perception for financial gain in the concrete and steel industries- both carbon producers.Please read M-Fire has met in closed doors discussions with Mayors, Fire Officials and Builders in cities hit hard by arson strikes. Our building fire tracking map will prove that all cities are vulnerable to these attacks. Taller fences and high def cameras are not going to stop these attacks. In the photo above. fuel sitting dangerously close to the raw wood buildings. Now that the whole building industry knows there is a new cost effective way to defend wood framing as it goes vertical from these attacks along with making all jobs safer during construction especially after we lost tow of our own in Denver during the day time work hours. We are looking to help and protect all builders and framers from what Litigators are going to soon have a field day with in our industry. Especially for those who think it's still worth taking the risk to build with raw unprotected lumber. When you know the risk and you deny the protection there's no defense in court. M-Fire is now offering all USA builders our Mighty Fire Breakerâ„¢ Job Site fire protection spray that chases the framing to add fire chemistry that stalls a fire ability to advance as fast as it does on raw lumber so fire fighters have enough time to get out a save the building from total destruction.

Send us the link to your plans for a quote and offer it to your builder, if he turns it down have him sign off that you offered it. That gives you a CYA in court.

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