Grassroots American Fire Resilient Innovation Pushes The Needle North In Support Of Renewable Sustainable Ways To Meet The Demands Of Affordable Housing To Lower Risk And Defend The Carbon

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A Top USA Builder Is Now Redefining Green Building To Create Fire Defended Carbon Storage Banks, Which Lowers Risk Of Loss, That Is Getting The Attention Of The Insurance Industry And Maybe Soon The Government In Amending The 45 Q.

Grassroots American Resilient Innovation Pushes The Needle North In Support Of Renewable Sustainable Ways To Meet The Demands Of Affordable Housing

December 18, 2018 by Steve Conboy

Concrete is the most widely used man-made material in existence. It is second only to water as the most-consumed resource on the planet. But, while cement - the key ingredient in concrete - has shaped much of our built environment, it also has a massive carbon footprint.

Cement is the source of about 8% of the world's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, according to think tank Chatham House. If the cement industry were a country, it would be the third largest emitter in the world - behind China and the US. It contributes more CO2 than aviation fuel (2.5%) and is not far behind the global agriculture business (12%).

The untold story within the US Building Industry about all the arson attacks on high density wood framed housing projects birthed a new safer fire defense to lower risk of loss while it also raised the needle on defending the carbon sequestered and stored in lumber. Now this same grassroots company is out to raise the bar in support of FEMA to lower there risk of loss in all the wild fire rebuilds. Many communities in the western regions of the USA are still very vulnerable to loss in next year’s wild fire season due to high piled ground fuels and must homes still rat screen design flaws.

One of the top ten best builders in the USA has committed to fire defend one hundred percent of the interior lumber in all their wood framed structures. Little did they know that by doing this they may have raised the bar on the green movement by defending the carbon stored in all these high density projects. This builder and many other builders from coast to coast did this to lower risk of loss. Our builders are only now finding out and additional value that many of there Millennial targeted tenants will support this new value that should and could be used in there marketing.

By fire defending all the lumber, these builders are now helping to raise the bar in the GREEN Movement by creating huge fire defended carbon storage banks. M-Fire's grassroots efforts (has )been defending all the negative propaganda claims that lumber is unsafe and a cheap way to build. M-Fire's founder has pushed back hard on the Mass Timber CLT gang thinking they can build high rise structures with raw lumber because of (its mass and thickness). The leaders of the CLT movement (are hanging) their hats on Class B E119 Fire Engineering however they (may have )lost site of a even higher value on the carbon value that can only be claimed when its fire defended because fire releases the carbon back into the ozone.

Maybe the leaders of the CLT movement will finally join Conboy who always said they may hate me now but they will love me later. M Fires founder has met with two California Congressman as he seeks support to amend the 45Q carbon tax reward to include fire defended wood framed carbon storage banks for meeting the demands of all housing. M Fire founder and think tank supporters are working hard on the methodology to support amending the 45Q to help incentivize builders to meet more of the housing demands with carbon sequestering lumber rather than carbon producing steel. This would bring even new value to the need to lower our dependency on imported steel and its tariff.

The amount of carbon in lumber by weight is well known and the amount of lumber derived from forests is also well known. Defining how much carbon is sequestered by trees that produce lumber is easily achievable and being utilized now. M-Fire's founder, a 45 year building lumber veteran, is determined to make calculating the amount of carbon sequestered in an acre of trees grown, in a reforestation program, the new norm for builders that want to boast Green and LEED to a whole new level.

M-Fire's Founder even pushed the limits of his own team to build the M-Fire APP to defend the chain of custody and the real time documentation process knowing how valuable it would become to amend the 45Q. Conboy knew he had to be better than the failed FSC chain of custody lumber movement by making it easier to record fire defended buildings which support a carbon tax credit program; His APP is now in operation. Please watch

We are hoping this helps us to get cooperation from the government to amend and reward builders with an amended 45Q carbon tax credit. Organizations like LEED in the United States and BREEAM in Europe disrupted the market roughly 20 years ago by establishing new sustainability criteria for buildings to adhere to. The work of these organizations forever changed the way people think about structural design and construction, and ultimately paved the way for the new focus on building performance that is emerging in the industry today.

Between losing over 20 high density wood framed projects to arson fire attacks and two construction workers lives in one of them, in Denver, and add to them thousands of homes being lost to wild fires daily. It’s time we raise the bar above the current building code now. Look for the M-Fire 15 city tour in 2019, when they team with a Tradeshow platform called, the “Red Zone”. Red Zone will be showcasing it's New Sustainable Resilient Building Program That Defends Future Generations From Loss And Over Consumption.

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