M-Fire Applied Science Can Encapsulate Lithium Batteries Of All Types For Early Fire Elimination

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M Fire Applied Science Can Encapsulate Lithium Batteries Of All Types For Early Fire Elimination

April 27, 2019 by Steve Conboy

An 18-year-old Florida teenager and his friend crashed a Model S Tesla driving nearly 70 miles over the speed limit. Both died on impact and the Tesla erupted in flames so fierce that nearly 300 gallons of water were needed to subdue the fire.

While a harrowing event on its own, a new report released by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board points to a safety hazard in the Model S battery that could put first responders unfamiliar with lithium-ion battery fires at risk. According to the report, while firefighters were removing the razed car from the scene, the Tesla’s lithium-ion battery reignited two more times.

“They [the firefighters] extinguished the vehicle fire using 200–300 gallons of water and foam,” the report reads. “Small portions of the lithium-ion high-voltage battery had separated from the vehicle, and — though there was no visible fire — they applied water and foam to the debris. During the loading of the car for removal from the scene, the battery reignited and was quickly extinguished. Upon arrival at the storage yard, the battery reignited again. A local fire department responded to the storage yard and extinguished the fire.

M Fire Suppression Applied Science and Clean Chemistry is always about early fire Elimination. Our Critical Steps to eliminate Lithium Battery Fires has to happen fast before the capacitors are overheated and becomes explosive temps at 1000F

We are looking to work with electric automobile manufactures and luggage manufacturers in encapsulating lithium batteries with our clean fire inhibitor chemistry. If cell phone and lap tops on planes is now a threat they can be stored in small encapsulated cases to insure early fire elimination. Just reach out to Steve Conboy to remove the lithium battery threat in you product. MFI Radio Podcast 6-5 Is On extinguishing Lithium Battery Fires Fast

MFI Radio Podcast Show June 5th at 3pm Lithium Battery Fires
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