As Tokyo Sets Out To Build The Tallest Wood Building Maybe NYC Mayor Bill de Balsio Can Get Behind This Great Movement To Build With Mass Timber In NYC

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As Tokyo Sets Out To Build The Tallest Wood Building Maybe NYC Mayor Bill de Balsio Can Get Behind This Great Movement To Build With Mass Timber In NYC

April 29, 2019 by Steve Conboy

A Balanced Build means less steel and concrete using more wood that sequesters CO2 and cleans our air as we all support our great reforestation programs here in the USA.

A Tokyo skyscraper is set to become the world's tallest wooden building. Japanese company Sumitomo Forestry says its 1,148-feet-tall timber tower will be completed in 2041, to mark the 350th anniversary of the business that year. The W350 tower will cost an estimated 600 billion yen ($5.6 billion) to build. The 70-story tower will be a hybrid structure made from 90% wooden materials. A steel vibration-control framework will underpin the design -- an important feature in a city where earthquakes are frequent. On Earth Day, Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a stern warning that the familiar Manhattan skyline behind him was about to change.“We are going to introduce legislation to ban the glass and steel skyscrapers that have contributed so much to global warming,” he said on Monday. “They have no place in our city or on our Earth anymore.”But as far as an actual prohibition against glass and steel skyscrapers? Not exactly.

Mr. De Blasio’s plan involves legislation that would institute new energy code requirements as a prerequisite for a building permit. “The kind of the glass and steel buildings of the past, and some bluntly were being built very recently, are just not going to be allowed any more,” the mayor said. City officials said that they did not know the specifics of Mr. de Blasio’s proposal, and that any such change would require City Council approval. We are all hoping Mayor Bill can get behind this renewable sustainable approach like the 21 story project starting soon in Milwaukee.

A 21-story mass timber building proposed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has won preliminary approval from the city. If construction moves forward as planned, the Ascent tower would become the tallest mass timber building in North America. The tallest timber structure built to date is an 18-story student housing complex in Vancouver, Canada, but a number of taller projects are in the works.

Advocates like mass timber buildings because they have less embodied carbon than conventional high-rises made with concrete and steel. Using prefabricated components that have been manufactured off-site also speeds up construction, and the aesthetics of leaving some wood exposed is a plus for some designers.

Tall mass timber buildings may become more common now that the International Code Commission has approved the use of materials such as CLT in buildings as tall as 270 feet, BuildingGreen reports.

The concern among building officials has been what happens to a mass timber building when it catches on fire.

Tests overseen by the ICC’s Ad Hoc Committee on Tall Wood Buildings included torching a full-scale, two-story mockup of an apartment building to see what would happen to the wood components. The chairman of the committee, Stephen DiGiovanni, told BuildingGreen, “No collapses, no structural failures, and the fire was contained within compartments.” Delamination of mass timber parts was “not an issue.”

Construction Dive said in a post last December that the ICC proposed 14 new provisions for tall-wood buildings, to be added to its 2021 code. The changes will allow three types of mass timber structures, including an 18-story maximum in which gypsum wallboard must be used on all mass-timber components. Buildings up to 12 stories would be allowed to expose limited areas of mass timber walls and ceilings. In buildings up to nine stories, exposed timber surfaces would have to be designed for two-hour fire resistance.

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M-Fire’s Applied Fire Science Is Out To Support The Mass Timber Industry

M Fire Suppression Inc. is out to support the Mass Timber Movement and make its easier in some jurisdictions to get Plan Check Building Officials and Fire Marshall ‘s acceptance. By adding Mighty Fire Breaker TM Class A Fire Protection to there Class B E119 raw mass fire engineering.The concern among building officials has been what happens to a mass timber buildings when it catches on fire. M Fire has also written a Carbon Tax Credit Bill for Congress to award a Carbon Tax Credit for Builders that fire defend these buildings as Renewable Sustainable Defended Carbon Storage Banks. The mass timber movement and carbon tax credit both support our great American Reforestation Programs.

M-Fire is shipping Class A Fire Treated Samples to Fire Marshalls and Code Officials in all the cities considering mass timber because this is a great movement that supports renewable sustainable “Balanced Building”. A Balance Build uses some concrete less steel since both are carbon producing when lumber sequesters CO2 and converts to clean oxygen leaving carbon in wood fiber and when these building are fire defended its protects the carbon from every being released back into the ozone.

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