Governor Newsom, The Wild Fire Solution Has Arrived And It's Blended Right Here In Cali

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Governor Newsom, The Wild Fire Solution Has Arrived And It's Blended Right Here In Cali

June 1, 2019 by Steve Conboy

We don't need water. We stop wild fires and smoke in their tracks with our proactively-engineered wild fire breaks created by spraying, wherever needed, our Mighty FireBreaker™ clean-chemistry fire inhibiting liquid. No more homes need to be lost. Our "Born In Cali" proactive wild fire defense program is ready to equip firefighters and homeowners with the best clean fire chemistry available on the planet. Our chemistry has no odor, requires no clean-up like foams and gels, and we are UL GreenGuard Gold Certified to be safe to use anywhere. Also we're, registered by Cal Fire with more ASTM testing than the other messy products that are being used today. Just this past week, we proved our Mighty FireBreaker™ wild fire defense technology to Ventura and Malibu Fire Departments, while they had 50 young firefighters with shovels this is no way to try and stop the advance of a dry brush fire driven by a Santa Ana wind; looks like a 3rd world approach. See Story.

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The group, known as the Coalition for Fire Protection and Accountability, wants to be included in legislative efforts to reduce utilities’ liability, a prime topic of discussion this year following Pacific Gas & Electric Corp.’s bankruptcy filing in January.

While Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has urged lawmakers to discuss changing the strict legal standard that makes utilities pay for damages from wildfires caused by their equipment regardless of whether they acted negligently, lawmakers have not begun a serious conversation on the topic.

The group points to two lawsuits against water districts to make their case. One stemmed from the 2008 “Freeway Fire” in Orange County. That fire started when a car’s exhaust system ignited some vegetation along a highway that would later destroy 275 structures, including 12 homes.

Firefighters might have been able to save those homes, but a pump station in the Yorba Linda Water District was damaged in the fire and stopped working. Homeowners sued, arguing the water system was liable for the damages even though it did not start the fire. A judge agreed and awarded the homeowners nearly $70 million.

More recently, homeowners sued the City of Ventura related to the Thomas Fire in 2017 in Southern California. One lawsuit says Ventura pumping stations lost power during the fire, which prevented the water pressure needed to operate hydrants in some neighborhoods. The lawsuit notes the water utility did not have backup generators.

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