Fire Defense Commentary

M-Fires Fire Elimination Products And Programs Are Proactive Just Like Seat Belts Are

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Fire Defense Commentary

M-Fires Fire Elimination Products And Programs Are Proactive Just Like Seat Belts Are

July 2, 2019 by Steve Conboy

Fires sprayed with water cannot compete with Mighty Fire Breaker's sprayed chemistry. Applied out in advance, our chemistry creates wider fire breaks 10 times faster out in front of wild fires paths.

Wether it's wood framed buildings or wild fires water can not control either once a fire gets moving. The proven MFI way to defend against fire is with clean fire inhibitor chemistry sprayed out in front either on lumber, dry hillside or dead trees.

The MFI Engineered approach is based on wind to decide where the fire is heading because what is burning will burn out on its own. Fire has to advance to find new dry fuels and oxygen to stay alive. In our over populated world with our builders building more and more in wildland fire areas or rural communities tucked into forests surrounded by dry hillsides full of fuel we cannot waste all our resources on the fire itself. We must be proactive or we will continue to rack up historical losses like we did in 2017 & 2018.

Los Angeles Fire Department Deputy Chief Trevor Richmond said, "after the blaze broke out Thursday, the speed of the fire made it difficult. With any wind-driven fire, the fire is moving so fast that it’s a challenge — we have to get way out ahead of the fire and start identifying the communities that will be at risk and start the evacuations,” he said. “It could be in a community in 30 minutes, and we don't have a lot of time” — and rescuing residents becomes paramount.

“When it broke, we tried to stop it at the 101,” said Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby. But the Woolsey fire quickly jumped the freeway and barreled all the way to the Malibu shores in an unprecedented seven hours, he said, leaving behind a trail of devastation.

Question is would an M-Fire fire break sprayed on both sides of the 101 have saved Malibu. Can proactive fire breaks spreed instead of sending young firefighters with hoes and bulldozers when sprayed fire breaks can be install 10 times faster and wider to stop and advance that jumps roads. The toll began to come into focus Monday when authorities more than doubled the number of buildings destroyed by the inferno to roughly 435. And only about 15% of the 93,662-acre burn area has been surveyed for damage, so that number will probably increase.

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