M-Fires Clean Safe Fire Inhibitor Shuts Dry Brush Fires Faster Than Young Fire Fighters Digging Breaks Or Spraying Water Because We Break The Chemical Reaction

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M-Fires Clean Safe Fire Inhibitor Shuts Dry Brush Fires Faster Than Young Fire Fighters Digging Breaks Or Spraying Water Because We Break The Chemical Reaction

August 28, 2019 by Steve Conboy

The key to M Fire’s Wild Fire Elimination Program is we can spray dry fuels for weeks ahead of time and still shut wild fire advance faster then water will ever shut it down and it's done safely without anyone being exposed close to open flames. These dry fuels are what are consuming homes. We need to be proactive if we plan to win over wild fires this year. Hoping there are enough planes, helicopters, fire trucks and young firefighters with hoes might work early in wild fires season but not when we get outbreaks in numerous locations. We are now out to equip growers and farmers to defend their own crops by storing our chemistry, so when wild fire threaten, they can spray dry fuels around their crops with the same equipment used to spray pesticides every 3 weeks. Homeowners, Horse Ranches, Vineyards and The Cannabis Industry in California are threatened by Wildfires and the newest best Wild Fire Solution is here and ready Less than a year after a series of wildfires in California destroyed more than 1.3 million acres, the Golden State has gone up in flames again, and is burning faster and bigger than ever before. That’s devastating news for residents, many of whom were forced to evacuate their homes for the second year in a row, not to mention the 14,000 firefighters working day and night to contain at least 16 major blazes from spreading any further. Also crossing their fingers for rain are the state’s many marijuana growers. California’s legalization of recreational marijuana in 2016 — which went into effect in late 2017 — has created an economic boom, but Mother Nature has proven to be an even bigger foe than anti-weed politicians. Last year, as reported by Rolling Stone, an approximate 30 to 40 percent of California’s marijuana growers were impacted by the fires, according to the California Growers Association, but the recreationally legal weed industry was still in its relative infancy then, and has rapidly expanded in the months since. Many cannabis farms are within some of the driest parts of the state, where the ongoing drought conditions, extreme heat and strong Santa Ana winds can turn just about anything into kindling.

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Fires continue to cause issues during the hot, dry summer months in California, Oregon and Washington as the month of August comes to a close. M-Fire is now prepared to equip Fire Departments and Growers with a safer chemistry than the Gels and Foams and we pre spray a month ahead of the fire. Fire Departments and Growers can pre-spray fire breaks with our fire inhibitor way in advance even tucked under a forest canopy where dry ground fuels are supporting wild fire advance not tree tops tree bark defends. Our Clean Fire Mighty Fire Breaker can be sprayed weeks or days in advance and will shut down a wild fires advance as soon as it shows up on dry fuels that were pre sprayed. M-Fire other wild fire defender is our Eco Wood Fire Treated Mulch that can be sprayed 300’ as fire breaks. Our Fire Treated Eco Wood Mulch can last for months to help make wild fire exit corridors safer so people do not have to die in their cars trying to escape wild fires.