The Truth About Todays Lumber

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The Truth About Todays Lumber

4 June 14, 2018 by Steve Conboy

Back in 04/01/2007 Fire Engineering magazine started calling I-joists the silent killer.silent-floors-silent-killers

Over the past two decades, the fire service has had to deal with the increased use of lightweight structural components. Much of our concern over that time has dealt with small dimensional truss floors and roofs. But with the current building boom throughout much of the United States in the past several years, small dimensional lumber concerns must now also include other types of engineered lumber. A major concern on which we must now focus on are wooden I-joists according to

The real truth behind the engineered wood product is that we cannot build and support our housing starts that support our economy without them. The forest can no longer support housings start with solid old growth lumber. The problem with these products is they have had a fire design flaw every since they were invented and very little has been done to improve them.

Not much has changed since the negative truth started to show up in 2017, however some producers are offering some fire protection, but they are rarely used in high density or production houses. One of the largest OSB producers has a concrete coating on the OSB that is starting to gain some market share on a minor portion of our high-density projects. Just recently in the last 15 months we have watched 14 very large high-density wood framed projects get completely destroyed by fire during construction. None of the fire treatment whether fire rated drywall, concrete pyrotite coated OSB and fire treated plywood have or will ever defend a wood framed structure fire during construction when only the exterior wall has fire protection and the inside, 90% of it was raw lumber. Clik to view"

The real truth behind wood framed buildings is it's not used because our builder's are building cheaper it's because it's faster and much more cost effective than concrete and steel. We all need to support all of today's lumber, even EWP because even though it has a fire design flaw, it's our only way to try and keep up with affordable housing. The best positive reason to support it is because it a renewable sustainable resource that collects carbon when concrete and steel both create carbon. The truth behind wood framed buildings in fire is they are not burning down because of engineered wood or todays lumber. There is not one of these fire that destroyed a massive high density building that did not start way below the EWP floor to roof system.

All fires start low in the wall at the floor sheeting and OSB sheeted stud wall. Fires can not consume buildings until you create a horizontal framing that is sheeted to trap the gasses its creating. This means the walls are not vulnerable until they are sheeted and until the floor horizontal system is framed and sheeted. Once you have framed wood walls sheeted with OSB and floor trusses or I Joist rolled and sheeted you now have the ability for a fire to consume the entire building. All these destructive fires start low and they have to head north to survive. As fire starts and climbs the kiln dried lumber studs that are sheeted with OSB and then reaches the floor ceiling assembly, its creating a chemical reaction with gas that collect in that enclosed floor ceiling assembly and once it hits the horizontal assembly flash over happens in less than 5 minutes. When fire reaches flash over its like a bomb, its beyond what fire fighters can contain with a hose and water. When all the raw lumber fuel starts gaining momentum, before drywall and sprinklers can add the additional fire protection to slow its advance, there is nothing that can be done to save a building under construction. The flash over in these large wood framed projects create more energy than the energy a wild fire produces because you have thousands of board footage of raw dry lumber fuel more fuel than a wild fire finds on a hillside.

So as a Lumber and EWP expert that is in support of all todays reforestation efforts and lumber products and defending our great builders from all the BS propaganda about lumber-built buildings, I have created the long overdue solution. The solution is to defend 100% of the lumber with a fire inhibitor that breaks the back of an advancing fire before it can get to the floor ceiling assembly. M Fire clean fire chemistry breaks the chemical reaction of that fire that is trying to climb those studs to get to that floor ceiling assembly to create its destructive flash over fire monster terrorist. This Mighty Fire Breaker Job Site Spray technology that is UL GreenGuard Gold listed to be safe even around children and in schools is so cost effective it now makes building with raw lumber no longer worth taking the gamble or risk.

After the recent fire in Denver that killed 2 construction workers builders may now be taking a major risk to build with raw lumber and equip the attorneys in litigation. Builders that still gamble and take the risk to build with kiln dried raw lumber that subjects the workers and neighbouring buildings to an unnecessary risk of fire may have new greater exposure than even a month ago because of the deaths of workers in Denver recently. Since many of todays national builders know about this new M-Fire cost effective way to defend there buildings from fire during construction with M-Fire the exposure of negligent litigation is now higher.

This new exposure is good for our building industry that was long overdue to add fire protection to our renewable sustainable resource that supports affordable housing anyway says Steve Conboy.

M-Fire Suppression Inc. is a fire technology company redefining risk management for the construction industry in all wood framed buildings and wild fire defense with clean fire inhibitors.

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