Out of the Ashes of this Steel Tariff Good Will Rise

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Out of the Ashes of this Steel Tariff Good Will Rise

June 14, 2018 by Steve Conboy

This Bloomberg Reporter, did a good job in trying to capture my message, I’m sure we can do a follow up story with more details. The investors and builders with steel dependency for there buildings they have to build now in the short term will survive this tariff. Going forward this dependency on steel will help give birth to the CLT Innovation for Mass Timber High Rise affordable housing projects.

So how is it good for all Americans?

Consider how positive this is for future generations, since we import 70% of the steel to build buildings, when in fact, mass timber can come right out of our very successful US reforestation programs. This means we can begin to meet the demands of affordable housing, with our own renewable sustainable lumber grown right here in the good old U.S.A. The fact that lumber is a carbon collector, while steel is a carbon producer, President Trump's recent steel tariff just gave birth to something great with CLT. All we needed was the ability to defend lumber from fire, and now that even CLT can be Class A Fire Protected, it's will change the skylines in many great American cities to wood framed mass timber buildings.

Bloomberg Reporter wrote today, "An early winner is Steve Conboy, a 45-year veteran in the construction industry and the general manager of M-Fire Suppression Inc., which treats construction lumber to protect against fires. He says his company is already seeing more attention to building affordable housing with lumber as a substitute for steel. "The wood, called cross-laminated timber, has the strength to be built as high as skyscrapers", Conboy said. “Tariffs are going to help welcome CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) into the American housing market to make affordable homes with wood,” Conboy added, “Can you imagine seeing buildings as tall as the Empire State Building with wood? Ha!”

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