All Wood Built Buildings Today Have A Huge Sequestered Carbon Value

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All Wood Built Buildings Today Have A Huge Sequestered Carbon Value

June 12, 2018 by Steve Conboy

By Providing Superior Fire Protection With Mighty Fire Breaker™ Applied Science and Technology(SM) to stick frame and mass timber dwellings that human live in has an impact on future generation ozone and air quality if we defend the lumber trees produce for us to build with.

If we do not embrace this way to try to meet the over populated planets demand for affordable housing then our air quality will be similar to China’s. China is one of the largest steel producers in the world and those plants consume tons and energy and create ozone depleting pollution. Using more lumber that comes from trees that sequester carbon is like trying to consider using less plastic bags and carry you own to the grocery store.

If only our Government could understand that if they reward our builders that use only lumber than our reforestation factories would need to plant more acreage. Our tree factories reforestation programs collect more carbon then a natural forest because Green Engineering of planting perfect saplings is like adding wind and solar energy to our dependency for the need for fossil fuels. Whether its energy or steel we need to accelerate the science and technologies to help offset the population growth cleaner energy and protected wood framed buildings because we will always need steel and fuel lets just try and use less.

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