Builders should buy products Grown and Made in the USA, lower dependency on imports, as we did back in the beginning of the housing boom after WW II.

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Builders should buy products Grown and Made in the USA, lower dependency on imports, as we did back in the beginning of the housing boom after WW II.

June 13, 2018 by Steve Conboy

American grown Douglas Fir is stronger than Canadian Spruce and it's time our builders and engineers start building with it since the Spruce Pine Fir is no longer the cheap way to go. We grow Doug Fir here in the USA and we build it here in the USA so now it's time to use only American Grown lumber to help Make America Great Again.

Canadian lumber prices had increased much more even before the tariffs effected Canadian Lumber producers, who conveniently blamed increases on wild fires in Canada. We are not going to hurt our Canadian buddies their lumber's biggest market is not the US, it's Asia. The purpose of this Administration tariffs are to level the playing field for the American saw mills and steel plants and it's about time. As our Building Industry tries to overcome the Labor Shortage and push more in factory build pre-fab walls and now mass timber CLT, it's time for pre-fab shops to begin looking harder at real value engineering usage with stronger American lumber.

American builders and design professionals should have been comparing the design values of Doug Fir and Southern Yellow Pine long before the Group of 7 meeting this weekend where the administration imposed tariffs on lumber imports from Canada, because they were warned it was coming 18 months ago. The United States Commerce Department contended that Canadian companies were selling lumber into the United States at unfair, subsidized prices affecting builders that are not pro active in value engineering. Canadian Mills have lined our borders for years using pre-fab shops and truss plants to ship value add across the border to avoid tariff using cheaper labor but getting paid in US dollars. Now giant companies like Katerra are setting up mega plants with ultimately optimizized to offset the normal shrink lost on job sites. If Mega American pre fab plants turn their design values towards US lumber values this tariff with have no impact on them or housing costs whatsoever. Considering how the Big Box stores all carry tons of Spruce Pine Fir and Hem Fir and the billion of dollars in sales, most buyers paying a little more per stud will not be effected much. Retail buyers buy lumber by the piece price while builders buy per thousand. As builder's buyers analyze the per thousand increase they will start to look harder at supporting American grown, if for no other reason but price. As a country we should always look to support American Grown and American Made instead of just off shore cheaper imports. Promote American Pride using American grown lumber, design with DF & Southern Yellow Pine instead of Spruce Pine Fir.

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