The Value of Documentation to Property & Health Claims Losses

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The Value of Documentation to Property & Health Claims Losses

July 20 2018 by Steve Conboy

In today's Building Industry, the key to helping your builder clients is with digital documentation, especially with Chain of Custody and 3rd party accreditation that supports the quality assurance process of your product.

It is no secret the P&C insurance industry is seeing a rise in disputed property claims. Resolving those claims in court is generally undesirable for all parties involved. Comprehensive and clean scope documentation can assist in resolving disputes without litigation and when litigation is unavoidable, can be a key tool to successfully defending the company in court. Today’s digital, mobile-first technologies that help capture and organize better data and documentation have tremendous potential for claim documentation, and relatedly, claim resolution.

The responsibility of this process should be the supplier and builder. Both need to recognize you need to hire and award contracts to those that CYA in real 3rd party accredited testing and documentation. Consider how lumber can show up with black stain the beginnings of rot, which is the beginning of mold. Why wouldn't our lumber supplier additionally insure against mold that could have a radical impact on the air quality in buildings?

Consider The UL Chief Economist White Paper Report on “The Sleeping Giant In The Building Industry”."Is air quality and the possibility of increases in court cases over it?"" If you use a company to spray MOLD protection or you build with fire protected lumber or your insulation, floor coatings, paint, adhesives or any products in the air space of all dwellings that humans will breath, shouldn't they carry UL GreenGuard Gold 3rd party accreditation?

This is the new world we live in. Builders it's your job to ask, will be what the Litigators tell you. It's your responsibility.

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