So Cal Idyllwild Fire Was Set By An Arson That Was Just Arrested

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So Cal Idyllwild Fire Was Set By An Arson That Was Just Arrested

July 27 2018 by Steve Conboy

A series of catastrophic, deadly, expensive and massive fires are scorching the western U.S. Several states and California may see some of their largest wildfires ever recorded in history because things are dry and the weather is hot and dry.

The wildfires are already greater than what firefighters can suppress with the current equipment and plan. IAFF and Cal Fire need to embrace new tech that could help while they continue their plan. A So Cal Company, named M-Fire Suppression Inc., wants to get there attention now to add additional clean fire tech that can be sprayed out in front while Cal Fire try’s to stall its advance the new clean fire inhibitor gets sprayed with small aircraft out in front of the direction the fire is heading. When the fire runs into this clean tech clinging to vegetation it will break the strength of the advancing fire much better than water and the red fire retardant angst they are using now.

M Fire has known for a long time that fires set by people are an extremely important factor in wildfire defense problems that need new fire elimination strategy. M Fire is the largest company in the USA defending many smart US Builders high density wood framed buildings that arsons are lighting on fire all around our country.

All these wood framed fire and wild fires are not caused because people are becoming more careless about fire or that more arsons are occurring, it's because of political unrest. Similar to how arson strikes on raw lumber of high density housing burns easily from arsons do their 2AM drive by fuel attacks, are all these wild fires. Arsons recognize wildfire conditions when it's dry and hot and perfect for heavy losses.

Steve Conboy GM of M-Fire is pleading with our government to allow him to do one test to prove his chemistry is less toxic and more effective than what is being used now with the red fire retardant. He only wants to be added to the wild fire elimination plan and not asking to remove the red water. Adding his plan to what they are doing way out in front of their high air space with small crop dusters. Wild Fires are terrorists and it's time to add to the US wild fire elimination plan with New American Clean Tech Fire Inhibitor Innovation.

M-Fire Suppression Inc. is a fire technology company redefining risk management for the construction industry in all wood framed buildings and wild fire defense with clean fire inhibitors.

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