Homeowners Need To Defend Themselves From Arsonists Who Are Now Setting Wildfires

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Homeowners Need To Defend Themselves From Arsonists Who Are Now Setting Wildfires

July 29 2018 by Steve Conboy

Wildfires set by arsons forces an entire California town to evacuate. This is now our new reality. You can no longer think this will never happen to you. Only yesterday, 36,000 people had to leave their homes, since most homes in the west have a major design flaw, soffit vent screens designed to keep rats out of the attic are not designed for flying hot micro embers. 0ver 60 wild fires are burning in the western US, and 90% or more have a major fire design flaw that can only be retro fitted to keep flying embers out. M-Fire is now ready to help homeowners learn how to be proactive, being it's only July and we still have 3 of the hottest months approaching.

This week in Idyllwild, California - A fast-moving wildfire — believed to have been sparked by arson — tore through trees, burned five homes and forced evacuation orders for an entire forest town as California sweltered under a heat wave and battled ferocious fires at both ends of the state.

The so-called Cranston Fire, which erupted Wednesday in the San Jacinto Mountains east of Los Angeles, turned into a wall of flames that torched timber and tinder-dry brush. In a matter of hours, it grew to 7 1/2 square miles (19 square kilometres).

It was threatening an estimated 600 homes, authorities said.

The fire was the largest of at least five that police believe were purposely set Wednesday by a man whose car was reportedly spotted at the starting point of the blaze in Riverside County, officials said.

Greece — The first fire alarm sounded in Kineta, a town an hour west of Athens, the capital, at 12:30 p.m. on Monday. Then, at 4:57 p.m., the authorities received calls on their 199 hotline reporting flames near Rafina, east of the capital.

Just about an hour later, the wildfire had reached Neos Voutzas, to the northeast, and then, powered by gale-force winds, it moved “like a lava flow” down the hill to the seaside town of Mati, fire officials said.

Greeks on Wednesday were still piecing together one of the nation’s worst disasters in recent memory. But many were asking how so many scattered fires had broken out in so short a span and spread with such fatal velocity. Suspicion of arson combined with grief and recrimination as shattered Greeks sifted through the ruins of fires that killed at least 81 people.

Recently, a group of volunteer firefighters was charged with multiple counts of arson. Over the course of two years, authorities said, a group of 10 people conspired to set fires to abandoned buildings and wooded areas in a rural North Carolina county. These firefighters were not all young people who we might think are doing this for the thrill of making a fire response.
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Just like our national builders are having to except the fact that high density urban infill large wood framed buildings are being set on fire during construction all around North American and having to be proactive to embrace The Best Practice new ways to defend there structures with M Fire homeowners need to do the same. M-Fire is about to launch a proactive fire protection line of products that will equip homeowners to be proactive in defending there homes. Homeowners today need to realize just like our national builders that Fire Fighters are not going to save there homes just like they are not going save wood framed buildings the defense needs to be put in homeowners hands. Please Watch Our Live Burn Demonstration Here

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