The New Wild Fire Norm Needs A New Plan And New Chemistry

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The New Wild Fire Norm Needs A New Plan And New Chemistry

July 30 2018 by Steve Conboy

M-Fire wants to help our brave Fire Fighters

The wild fires are getting much worse than we have ever seen before and M-Fire has a plan. We have a clean fire inhibitor chemistry that could assist our fire departments control fires faster without having to drop water and red fire retardant over what is burning.

Our plan is to use ground assault and small crop dusters that drop a fire inhibitor which clings to vegetation and even when it's dry it stalls the approaching strength of an oncoming wild fire. We can save homes with our full line of home wild fires defense products.

Raging wild fires create weather and wind causing flying embers that consume homes because soffit vents have a screen that keeps rats out of the attics not the small hot embers. We are hoping the Media will help tell our story so our government steps in to add M-Fire to the current plan of fire bombing with super tankers and lots of fire fighters. Homeowners in pre evacuation could spray houses to make them more resistant to what wild fires do to consume homes.

An enormous wildfire is roaring across the hills of Northern California, consuming land at a rate of 1,000 acres an hour, or more than 12 football fields a minute. The blaze is much larger and out of control much more than the other fires that plagued the region last week, and a heat wave will only make conditions more challenging.

The County Fire began on Saturday evening, burning a few thousand acres in Yolo County. But gusty winds whipped the flames into a frenzy on Sunday night, spreading the fire into Napa and Lake counties. By Monday morning, the fire had burned at least 44,500 acres, gobbling up 1,000 acres an hour. Despite the best efforts of more than 1,200 firefighters on the scene, the fire remained only three percent contained and mandatory evacuation orders were in place for parts of Yolo County.

“Extreme fire behavior is still being observed,” Calfire wrote in its morning update.

The powerful winds fanning the flames are also steering copious quantities of smoke into the Bay Area. Satellites captured the plume of dusky brown smoke wafting over the marine layer clouds that hug the California coast in summer. Ash settled on cars and windows and obscured views across San Francisco Bay, according to local news reports.

The northern half of the Bay Area continues to deal with moderate levels of air pollution today, a trend that will continue through at least midweek. A slight shift in winds also sent more smoke streaming into Sacramento on Monday. None of this is good for public health.

M-Fire Suppression Inc. is a fire technology company redefining risk management for the construction industry in all wood framed buildings and wild fire defense with clean fire inhibitors.

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