Wild Fire Embers Ignite Most Homes Not Flames

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Wild Fire Embers Ignite Most Homes Not Flames

July 31 2018 by Steve Conboy

Wild Fire embers fly long distances based on the humidity in the air. If there's humidity they can fly from dry grass hillsides like outside Santa Rosa, ignite and destroy entire neighborhoods, because production houses have an attic ventilation rat screen design flaw that allows wind driven hot embers to get into hot combustible attics.

"Last weeks fire has led to the evacuation of 38,000 residents within Shasta County and the burn area", Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko said. The California National Guard says it has 800 soldiers and airmen currently on the ground or en route to the Carr Fire to help.

Officials were driving Friday through the smoldering remains of a neighborhood in the Northern California city of Redding, trying to determine the number of homes lost to the fast-moving wildfire that also has killed two people.

We can do better than this! We have to become proactive in the western regions of the US where humidity levels during hot summer months can be as low as zero. Keep you eyes open, a solution to ember is about to come to market.

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