Concerns On Construction Workers Risk In Wood Framed Buildings

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Concerns On Construction Workers Risk In Wood Framed Buildings

April 15, 2018 by Steve Conboy

After the recent Denver Wood Framed Apartment Fire that kill two construction workers on a wood framed 5 story building before it had drywall and sprinklers in place brings new risk to Builders Premiums. These fires do not make wood framed buildings bad or cheap these two deaths bring science to that table the wood is fuel its burns and accelerates fast and if we want to build with it builders are going to have to add fire protection to there budgets going forward.

Building any wood framed building today without adding fire protect when it finally affordable is no longer worth taking to risk.

Public Notice: Cost effective clean fire protection is now available for high density and even larger custom homes nation wide. If you are a builder by defending your lumber you are defend the building industry that uses this renewable sustainable building product. By ignoring that all wood needs fire protection you are supporting the concrete and steel lobbyist that are trying to change the codes to make everything over 2 stores Built with concrete and steel. Remember future generations air quality is counting on us to build with lumber which is a carbon collector verses concrete and steel that both produce carbon. Steve Conboy San Diego 4-2-18

M-Fire Suppression Inc. is a fire technology company redefining risk management for the construction industry in all wood framed buildings and wild fire defense with clean fire inhibitors.

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