Are Our Brave Firefighters Being Subjected To Undue Health Risks?

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Are Our Brave Firefighters Being Subjected To Undue Health Risks ?

August 8 2018 by Steve Conboy

Over watered down fire retardants dropped from planes only stall fire they do not eliminate re-ignition and they are destroying the air quality in many cities. When we try to stall fire with over diluted fire retardants and water, we are cooling too fast any creating tons of smoke when the chemistry does not eliminate fire. The air stings your eyes and burned your lungs. It feels like you are breathing through a straw.

Mighty Fire BreakerTM Applied Science will eliminate fire and smoke at the same time. With all the negative reports on the web about the red fire retardants being dropped over the wild fires, are we subjecting our brave fire fighters to toxic risk. Has this fire retardant been screen tested to be safe for people and animals? Mighty Fire BreakerTM has been screen tested and is UL GreenGuard Gold certified safe around children and in schools. The red retardants need to be screen tested or someone has to be held accountable for the health hazards it may be causing. An EPA registration is not enough this red fire retardants must be tested for health safety, for humans, animals and safe for the environment.

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