This Is No Way To Fight Todays Wildfires

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This Is No Way To Fight Todays Wildfires

August 8 2018 by Steve Conboy

Hundreds of firefighters remain on the front lines, dealing with bone-dry conditions and triple-digit heat. Ten helicopters and seven fixed-wing aircraft are assisting the firefighters.

Fire officials had lowered the acreage of the fire to 3,399 acres on Tuesday but raised it to 4,129 acres Wednesday morning. The containment remains at 5 percent.

No major injuries have been reported. Evacuations were ordered in the Holy Jim and Trabuco Canyon areas, as well as the Blue Jay and Falcon campgrounds.

These brave firefighters could have backpacks with our Mighty Fire BreakerTM spray and eliminate these dry brush fires faster than with shovels and racks with no chance of re-ignition this is hard to watch.

M-Fire Suppression is standing by ready to help we have lots of chemical inventory and our clean fire chemistry will put out all fires better that the red Phos-chek they are using. If you are a Fire Official contact us we have all the testing and we are much safer around your firefighters than Phos-Chek.

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