Mighty Fire Breaker™ Offered Fire Protection To A Giant California Utility Company and they did nothing.

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Mighty Fire Breaker™ Offered Fire Protection To A Giant California Utility Company and they did nothing.

August 9 2018 by Steve Conboy

A committee of 10 lawmakers, tasked with looking into wildfire issues, held its first hearing Wednesday, one day after Gov. Jerry Brown inserted himself squarely into the debate by offering draft legislation. A key change centers on altering how California courts have interpreted the legal doctrine known as “inverse condemnation” as it applies to wildfires. Under inverse condemnation, utilities can be held liable for damages caused by wildfires linked to their own equipment — even if the companies followed accepted safety procedures. But under Brown’s proposal, courts would have to balance “the public benefit of the electrical infrastructure” with the damage caused by a wildfire and also determine if “the utility acted reasonably.”

Pointing out that five of the state’s most destructive wildfires have been recorded in the past 15 years, Brown wrote in a letter to the co-chairmen of the committee, “Just as our firefighting techniques and forest management must adapt to this growing threat, so must California’s laws.”

M-Fire's Mighty Fire Breaker's Proactive Plan defends utility poles for all those families that lose power during wild fires. It's not right. It has to be the Power Companies responsibility to defend their customers from loss of power during wild fires. It's almost insane that all the wooden poles have no fire protection in or around the lumber. M Fire GM alongside a Former So Cal Fire Chief, met over a month ago to show a huge So Cal Power Company how to be proactive in dropping clean fire chemistry on and all around the wood poles. This fire inhibitor chemistry would not kill the vegetation and it would cling to the pole and vegetation ready to defend for up to 3 months. Mighty Fire BreakerTM chemistry is much safer than the red fire retardant they are dropping from planes and it would inhibit fire around all our utility poles.

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