With Arsons Lighting Wild Fires, We Have To Use Military Proactive Tactics.

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With Arsons Lighting Wild Fires, We Have To Use Military Proactive Tactics

August 10 2018 by Steve Conboy

The big So Cal Fire that-has evacuated over 20,000 homes was lit by an arson last week. We have to wonder about all the other wild fires now, were they too lit by an arson?

We must act more like the US Military does and become proactive with our approach to wild fires. We can not just react by throwing more Firefighters at the problem. We need to be proactive and protect all power poles with clean fire chemistry that can keep the fire away from them. All of our freeways are at risk too, as arson could drive around during a Santa Ana and light enough fires to shut California down. M-Fire is ready to equip and train homeowners to save their homes. We can not ask families to leave their home without giving them the ability to be proactive by spraying there home and landscaping with our clean fire inhibitor that is safe around humans and will help defend there home. Wild Fires in neighborhoods are different that on dry hillside. They blow threw as ember not flames and our fire inhibitor will fight its ability to ignite around your home.

We should let Cal Fire continue with their reactive plans, but our government needs to step in with more proactive plans because each year the wild fires are getting progressively worse and lasting much longer. Today in the USA, M-Fire has the only fire inhibitor that is safer and more effective than the red fire retardant that is being dropped now. It can be pre sprayed and defend an advancing fire for up to 3 months without killing the vegetation or harming wildlife. Our government could hire private sector contractors to pre-spray with ground vehicles and/or small aircraft that don't need to be close to the fires only in front of its path, so the accuracy is much better with much less waste.

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