If An Arsonist Can Do This To American Families And Homes, Then They Are Terrorists.

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If An Arsonist Can Do This To American Families And Homes Then They Are Terrorists.

August 10 2018 by Steve Conboy

A week ago, this family had a home with air conditioning and lots of memories but today it's all gone from a fire that could have been set by an arson.

We have to now look at our western wild fires differently. We need to educate and equip homeowners to fight back by defending what can be destroyed so fast. As our brave firefighters are out on the front lines in this years WAR against wild fires, homeowners need to be equipped with equipment and clean fire chemistry that could be sprayed on and around homes to help defend them before the wild fire makes their way into the neighborhoods.

We are reaching a financially unsustainable level with using more and more firefighters and planes, let alone all the relief funding our government is going to have to supply. Its time this administration looks beyond firefighters and hire private sector companies that have the equipment and fire inhibitor technology supported by 3rd party accredited laboratories to offset costs for all homeowners with Tax Credits for investing in pro active wild fire defense kits. By doing this we are helping our firefighters and savings thousands of homes.

The Applied Science is now readily available and by offering a tax credit we are saving our government hundred of millions of dollars in replacement costs.

Keep in mind, arsonists are home grown terrorists and they have the ability to shut down any economy, especially in California, when the Santa Ana winds appear is when they decide to attack. It time for our government to look at this they way they defend us from overseas missile threat. American are tough we can handle it by equiping all homeowners with a tax credit. We can be proactive in defending our homes before we are told to evacuate. No need for dropping toxic red phos-chek on houses we need to equip homeowners to spray their own vulnerable areas where fires can destroy their homes.

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