Oakland Is Booming But Something Is Changing In Wood Framed Housing M Fire Is Fire Defending Six Of These Buildings Now.

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Oakland Is Booming But Something Is Changing In Wood Framed Housing M Fire Is Fire Defending Six Of These Buildings Now.

August 12 2018 by Steve Conboy

Just over a year ago the Mayor of Oakland called a meeting with the Oakland Fire Chief, Head of the Building Department and a room full of builders looking for what to do regarding all the arson attacks. Shortly after the meeting M-Fire presented a live demo burn at the Oakland Fire Training Center for everyone present at the Mayors meeting.

It all started with one great American Builder in NJ and now builders are being proactive defending raw lumber in Oakland, Berkley, SF, Boston, NJ , Denver, LA, Seattle and NY. Our smart resilient builders are embracing and using the New Best Practice against fires during construction and all the Insurance Underwriters are now paying attention to how they can lower risks including arson attacks. Insurance Brokers are pushing for reduced premiums for those builders that fire defend their buildings.

See the Oakland Demo

The fire that consumed an apartment and retail complex being built near downtown Oakland on Friday wasn’t the first to rip through a half-finished housing development in the area in recent years. It was the fifth.

"While the cause of the latest blaze is not known, all four of the previous fires — including two at one site on the Oakland-Emeryville border — have been ruled arson by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives", said agency spokeswoman Alexandria Corneiro.

One of the four previous fires, which broke out at a development just east of Lake Merritt last October, was publicly identified as arson by Corneiro for the first time late Friday.

An extraordinary residential building boom is shaking up Oakland, part of a transformation sweeping the Bay Area as market forces and political initiative combine to address the region’s desperate housing crisis.

“The city is being radically reconfigured — the whole Bay Area is,” said urban geography expert and UC Berkeley professor emeritus Richard Walker. “The Oakland we knew is not going to remain.”

M-Fire Suppression Inc. has developed a patented process and formula that defends wood framing from fire during construction in a way the building industry has never seen before.

The building industry has been accustomed to pressure treated fire protected lumber only on a fire wall, usually an exterior wall on Type 3 A. We have watched those fire walls collapse during all the fires during construction because the whole building is raw fuel. Everything burns when there is that much fuel as we saw during 9/11. Today the smart builders are embracing defending 100% of the interior lumber because the risk is no longer worth taking with determined arsons roaming our streets. After the 2 workers in Denver died during a mid-day fire, we also have to recognize the new liability for builders that think they can still take a risk when we have enough proof that all raw lumber buildings are very risky until drywall and sprinklers are in place to add additional fire protection.

Today, Insurance Brokers are taking M-Fires Mighty Fire Breaker™ to their clients because they want to chase risk management and lower the premiums for the builders that make wood framed building safer during construction. Tall fences and high def cameras are no longer enough when and arson wants to destroy you building you need more than a tall fence. Their is a a major shift happening with the National Home Builder when it comes to defending 100% and they are not hearing it from Biz Now that is more concerned about what Millennials want in there high rent unit. M-Fire is now lobbying the current administration to add Lumber Built Affordable Housing to its 45Q carbon tax credit because when lumber is defended from fire our wood framed buildings become Carbon Storage Banks. Ben Franklin said it, and now M-Fire Suppression Inc. is promoting it. "An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure"

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