Mighty Fire Breaker Defending American Buildings & Homes From Fire

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Mighty Fire Breaker Defending American Buildings & Homes From Fire

August 12 2018 by Steve Conboy

Mr. President spend the money to defend homes, let the forests burn they needs to kill the disease and beatles. Mother Natures knows when it's time to burn a forest just like it did during the Yellowstone fire.

Today we have a new Yellowstone forest without all the disease. The Log pole pine seeds germinate at 500 degrees and the forest that burned down is now filled with new trees. Our high density wood framed builders that are trying to meet the demands of affordable housing are under attack from arsons burning them down during construction. Today hundreds of houses in the western regions have a major design flaw with rat screen soffit and gable vents. Our government needs to provide a tax credit for homeowners that retro fit their homes to handle wild fire embers. With the right fire chemistry we can create fire breaks around neighborhoods while our brave fire fighters are out on the front lines in the forest stalling the advance while pro active measures are underway.

There is no company in the USA that has proven what its clean fire chemistry can do in front of more Fire Chiefs in Fire Training Centers than M=Fire.

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