Attic Ventilation Systems Are Not Designed For Wild Fire Embers

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Attic Ventilation Systems Are Not Designed For Wild Fire Embers

August 16 2018 by Steve Conboy

Attic Ventilation’s are contributing to the death toll of American Homes in the Western Region of the USA. M-Fire is about to solve the design flaw with a retro fit ember blocker and ember soffit eliminator- our clean fire inhibitor misting systems.

The entire western region attic ventilation systems are as flawed as house wraps and tar paper were in the gulf region,because they were designed for falling rain not rising water. Much like waterproofing wooden boats, M-Fire will introduce retro fit and new construction vents that will not allow embers in combustible attic spaces during wild fire ember storms.

When a fast-moving wildfire ignites, firefighters immediately look to save homes by steering the flames away from life and property. But experts agree, the real danger often occurs in the hours after the big wall of flames rips through. In other words, that big wall of flames that captured last week at Lake Elsinore is not what causes all the destruction we saw last year in Santa Rosa.

Obviously the cameras always go to the big flames, and so they typically will show big flames and then they'll show a house burning. When those flames show up we need a lake nearby like we had last week at Elsinore. None of this is much comfort to the hundreds of Californians right now who are enduring the hardship of losing everything in a wildfire. But fire behavior expert, Steve Conboy, is out to do something about future wild fires consuming American Homes with a device that homeowners can activate from their mobile phone after evacuating that turns on the misting system to knock embers down when they are trapped in your soffit trying to enter you attic.

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