The US Government Needs To Add M Fire To The Current Fight Wild Fire Defense

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The US Government Needs To Add M Fire To The Current Fight Wild Fire Defense

August 21 2018 by Steve Conboy

Today the air quality in cities like Seattle and Idaho are very poor much like peat fires in Singapore palm farms destroys the air.

If the companies that defend wild fires and peat fires there used what we use the red fire retardant we use here in North America, those companies would be fired by the Singapore Government. The Red Fire Retardant Drops which depend on water to eliminate fire create radical smoke and only stall fires they do not eliminate them.

In order to control the advance of any wild fire you need chemistry that can be dropped out in front, so even when it's dry it clings to trees and will break the chemical reaction by removing the energy of any wild fire that is fueled by tons of ground fuel. Dropping over intense flames is a unsustainable approach when much of the drop is evaporated on its way to the targeted area. The red fire retardant being used does not even work on peat fires 30 feet deep underground, chemistry that breaks the chemical reaction in fire and reduces smoke at the same time is required .

In any case, dumb plans for how to deal with the wildfires are kind of in vogue in the U.S. right now. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has spent much of the past few weeks rambling about how the fires are caused by anything from poor forest management to “environmental terrorists” and definitely not climate change, as is agreed to be a major factor by experts. Donald Trump has blamed the fires on “bad environmental laws” preventing firefighters from just spraying them with water, which is complete nonsense, but nonetheless served as a pretext for the White House to seize control of protected California waterways and open up more federal lands.

M-Fire is hoping our president and government will jump in and add a new method and new chemistry to the current red flame retardant drops and allow a new company with a safe chemistry and proactive plan to be out in front of the aerial drops and lay down a clean fire chemistry.

M-Fire clean chemistry is safer and fights fire differently that red water retardants. Our safe chemistry works dry, by clinging to the applied areas, just waiting to break the chemical reaction when that fire shows up.

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