Mighty Fire Breaker™ with CITROTECH™ Technology
For Powerful and Effective All NATURAL FIRE SUPPRESSION.

We develop, produce and distribute innovative fire inhibiting and extinguishing products that do not contain harmful ingredients and polluting technologies.

Our core product, Mighty Fire Breaker® MFB-31 with Citrotech™ plant-based chemistry, offers eco-friendly, proactive wildfire defense solutions to Property Owners, and cost effective factory-applied Class-A fire protection to Mass Timber Producers and Pre-Fab Factory-Built Housing Developers.

All of our Mighty Fire Breaker® products are made using our patent-pending Citrotech™ plant-based formulas to ensure that our products are safe and effective at fire inhibition, without harming humans, animal life or our planet.

We start with renewable carbohydrate raw materials derived mainly from corn, which are transformed through fermentation and other biochemical processes into readily biodegradable and ecologically safe ingredients. These ingredients are then used to formulate our patent-pending Mighty Fire Breaker® MFB-31 fire inhibitor and other Mighty Fire Breaker® products.

You should find comfort in knowing that our Mighty Fire Breaker® plant-based fire inhibitors and extinguishing products get the job done with no phosphates, no ammonium, no fluorosurfactants, and no toxic chemicals.

When using Mighty Fire Breaker® fire inhibitor products in your home, at work and within your community, you know that you are joining us to create a more healthy and sustainable world for generations to come.

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Citrotech™ Plant Based Formulas. Safe and incredibly effective all natural fire suppression.