M Fire Suppression Inc. is growing as years of testing supports the best fire defense products for the US Building Industry and now including WIld Fire. We hope to be supporting the DOD soon.

MFI is out to support our growing Pre-Fab Wall Panel Plants and Mass Timber Producers to fire protect Doug Fir and SPF lumber throughout the USA. Our program allows Pre-Fab Shops to buy FRT direct from the Saw Mill and we licensee Pre-Fab shops to fire treat all those odds and sods SKU’s in their own facility to support lowering FRT inventory positions and less lead times.

M-Fire Suppression Inc. and FRoberts Construction work hand and hand on job site logistics but are two separate companies.
FRC is the exclusive USA high density licensee to support M-Fire job site fire defense program.

M-Fire questions
Contact: Steve Conboy

F Roberts Construction questions
Contact: Fred Roberts

M-Fire Suppression Inc Factory

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Steve Conboy
Cell:  909 519 5470

Joe Fiore
Executive Director to President
Cell:  203 912 5157

M-Fire Mighty Fire Breaker™ Job Site
Defense Application Licensee

Fred Roberts Construction
19300 S. Hamilton Ave. #270
Torrance, CA 90248

Damien DeFeo
Cell: 949-463-3406
Tel: 949-689-6711
Fax: 949-544-0437

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