M-Fire Suppression MFRT™ QAI Audited Factory-Applied Class-A Fire-Protection Wood Treatment Services
and Operations Licensee Programs is open to all Pre Fab Wall Panel Plants in the USA


Golden State Lumber
Stockton, CA

Mitsui MHA
Lodi, CA

Carson, CA

M-Fire Mighty Fire Breaker Job Site Licensee Training and Certification Program is directed by M-Fire founder and inventor Steve Conboy. The certificatied and documented programs trains and tests job site applicators to assure they completely understand our quality assurance program. Each trained and certified applicator carries an Identification Card and ID on Hard Hats so builders know all applicators have been trained to install our Fire Inhibitor properly on every job.

All of M-Fire Suppression's' High Density Housing Projects in the USA are exclusive to licensee F Roberts Construction, Inc. Opportunities for licensing high density projects are open in Canada and off shore only. See blog

Mighty Fire Breaker™ Construction Job Site Fire-Protection Spray Delivery and Documentation Services For Wood Building Construction are available for licensee’s in residential production and custom homes nationwide. All USA Contractors and Builders need to support making all wood framed buildings safer for tenants and firefighters now that new cost-effective clean and safe Applied Fire Science is available nation wide to lower the risk of total loss. See video

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